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Is a Christian Rap Artist from Winnipeg MB Canada.  He has been writing, producing, and performing Christian music for over 19 years.  He has toured Canada and the U.S. ministering at different churches, youth drop ins, senior centres, parks, street corners and clubs.  He has opened for acts such as P.O.D., Todd Dulaney and All Above Me.  He has also performed at The No Greater Love Festival in Cochrane, AB, Michael W. Smith’s Rocketown in Nashville TN, and Providence Chapel United Pentecostal Church in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  His latest project "Hallelujah" was nominated for 2 GMA/Covenant Awards for Rap Song Of The Year and Urban/Rap Album Of The Year.  His mission is to spiritually nourish the young and old with God’s Word.  Speaking it boldly through high energy hip hop music.  Creating an atmosphere of strength, confidence, and empowerment knowing our new identity in Christ Jesus brings life, love and hope to any situation.  (Hebrews 4:12, John 21:15)

My Story, Struggle, and Victory!

CHVN Interview with Michael Thom


Winnipeg hip hop artist Messanjah has Good News to share

Written by Michael Thom

Category: Made in Manitoba

Published: 27 September 2018

A Winnipeg Christian hip hop artist is making a comeback after health issues sidelined a climbing career.

Kevin Manness, also known by his stage name Messanjah, started his rap career in the early 2000s.

"18 years ago I had been a DJ for eight years. But I wasn't really serving God in that time." Manness says that in 2000 he had a conversion and committed his life to serving God. It was at that time that he started his hip hop career.

"Basically what happened was God says, 'give me your best, and I'll give you mine. I'll go above and beyond all you may think or ask.' So I put a song out and within six months that song was on the radio."

The response continued positively and Manness was soon opening for acts like P.O.D.  He performed in a group with Winnipeg's Fresh IE called Resurrection and Life. 

The group toured until Manness' health issues took over. He says that he began struggling with his health when he was 16, and then in his twenties, it worsened.

"I got an infection in my sinus cavity that I had struggled with for a long time. And the infection moved into the bone in my face and my jaw. It started eating my jaw and my forehead."

As he struggled with his health Manness says that he turned to painkillers to deal with his pain. Soon he would find himself addicted to painkillers like Oxycodone. 

Manness would find his way back to God and healing from his addiction through the death of his mother four years ago.

"She had a brain tumour. And for a year (before hear death) we had all been praying and believing that she would get healed."

As his mother battled the disease Manness wrote a song for his mother. "It was probably the first time I had written anything in about 15 years. It was a song for her to fight, called 'Psalm 2' . . . that was a song I wrote for her to fight against that cancer."

When his mother passed away Manness says that it "rocked my world." But, it became the catalyst for him to fight against his own struggles.

"I was still addicted on Oxy all that time. I was like 'that's it, I'm not doing this anymore . . . that's where this album came from. Because my faith was rocked. I didn't believe the Word, I didn't have faith in the Word. But I said, 'You know what? I have a choice to make. I can either wallow in this pain and remove myself from this calling on my life even more, or I can picture what I want this calling to be and start speaking that.

"So I took the Word of God, whether I didn't believe it or not, and I started speaking it. So I started writing these songs for this album based on what I wanted to see, not based on what my circumstances were."


That project became Messanjah's latest album, Hallelujah

Manness hopes to be able to use his music to reach people with the truth of Scripture and Christ's love, no matter how young or old they are. 

"I will play for one or for 5,000 people. And I'll play the same way for one as I play for 5,000 . . . if you've got one kid, or one adult, or even a senior citizen who needs to hear some Word and some high energy hip hop to go with it, give me a call.

You can find out more about Messanjah at 

Hallelujah (Official Music Video)

Live Performance Clips

Live Performance clips of Messanjah 

"Hallelujah" Official Music Video

"Official Music Video for "Hallelujah" by Messanjah

Lyric Video

Official Lyric Video for STWO "Speak The Word Only"

Latest Album Release "Hallelujah"


Nominated at the Gospel Music Awards for "Rap Song Of The Year" and "Urban/Rap Album Of The Year"

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The new CD from Messanjah called "Hallelujah" Out Now!  Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google play, YouTube, Bandcamp.

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24hr Basket of Praise July. 19 7pm

Messanjah will be performing at the 24hr Basket of Praise on Friday July.19 @7pm at the RCCG Rhema Sanctuary  (3525 Pembina Hwy). The event starts at 5pm on Friday and goes till 5pm on Saturday.

Free Family Fun Day July.27 11am-2pm

Messanjah will be performing at the Free Family Fun Day Saturday July.27 from 11am-2pm.  It will be outdoors at Hap Hopkinson Park (1043 Manhattan Ave) There will be Bouncers, Games, Face Painting, Food, And the Concert. The event is Free! It is sponsored by Joy Fountain Church.  Please come out and be blessed, and bring the whole family.

No Greater Love Youth Worship Night Aug.9

Messanjah will be performing live on the main stage Aug.9 at the No Greater Love Festival. The show starts at 6:30pm-10pm in Cochrane AB.  Please see for details.

New Breed Youth Conference Aug.17 @6:30pm

Messanjah will be at the RCCG Kings & Priests Youth Conference on Aug.17 (365 Westmount dr. Winnipeg MB) The event is free and starts at 6:30pm all are welcome.

25th Pentecostal World Conference Aug.28 @ 3pm

Messanjah will be performing at the 25th Annual Pentecostal World Conference in Olympic Plaza, Calgary, AB.  The event is from 11am-6pm.  Messanjah will be playing at aprox 3pm.  Admission is free

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